Oh well I've written three songs on that forum (search for titles Deep and Nightness i don't have links) and Deep was great but the other said too repetitive... Well I Think that's ( TTICD) is the best i can do for my band! suggestions, ex, say them here! Also im lookin for someone who's good at writing lyrics! add me on msn trident6669@hotmail.com!
Yeah, pretty nice tune you got there. I like the main riff and i think the intro and outros are very clever, but (this may be intentional) but at bars 47-50 it really clashes between the rythmn and the lead, if the feeling off uncertainess and like, "aah im confuzed, scared, angry" is the idea then it does work very well :P All in all a good bit of music, all you really need to is to add a vocal line over the top of it, even if you dont have any lyrics, just put a rough idea of what you want, it'll give you the ideas you need to get the songs sound perfect
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