I tried to search but couldn't find exactly what I had in mind, so if I missed something please by all means post the link and close the thread.

Anyway, I just purchased my first acoustic today as I'm really getting into music and guitar. I've always been a music lover and tried to take guitar lessons early in high school, but I always just listened and didn't delve into what went into it all. As for lessons, I never really did the basic stuff, I just worked on tabs of songs I liked. Big mistake.

What I was wondering was, I've been going through the Lessons section trying to learn as much as I can, but I don't know where to start. It seems everywhere I go to start confuses me. I tried at Major Pentatonics which I learned was a good place to start for soloing or what not, and jst something as a good startpoint. However, not too much into it it referred to basic things saying "as you know" and such that frankly, nope I didn't know.

I do indeed have a beginners book somewhere around here that will have string names and basic chords and songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mary Had A Little Lamb. Should I start here? Should I start with lessons on this site? Because to be honest, I don't know ANYTHING. I'm starting from scratch. Don't even have the string names memorized.

As for what I'm really asking, I guess is links. Where in the Lessons section should I start? Whats the first thing to really know, and then where to step from there and so on. I'm not asking to link me here and there to everything I'll ever need to know and in order(though that would be nice, haha), but just a few steps that would get me to the point where once I knew that, I could more or less go on from there to what I'd like and so that when I did see "which you should know" I won't be left scratching my head.

I'm sorry this came out so long, I just really wanted to be as clear as possible and answer any possible questions. Thank you to all who can help.
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I would really learn basic open chords before you even try to learn anything advanced, especially scales. Learn a song or two with simple three open chords progressions. My first song was In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel, which is a great place to start. Find some folk song with only strumming you like and learn it. Read that book! W/o a teacher, a book, (rather than asking people on UG) can teach you just where you need to start.

Then, try your hand at barre chords (where you move an E or A chord up and down the neck with your index finger across all six strings. Yes, it's quite tricky to get down at first. All this should take, if you practice regularly, just a few months.

Also, pick up a little theory at the start. Whatever you do, don't overload yourself.

If you ever have any questions, ask people here on the boards. They saved my life.
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I would suggest finding a real teacher. Getting advice on UG is 10 parts BS to one part Gold. As an absolute begginer, it'll be hard to sort it out.

I would reccomend - Learning string names, and open chord shapes for major and minor chords.

From there, barre chords allow you to play (basically) the same chord shapes up and down the neck, in any key - provided you know what chords are in a key and where they are. That means learning the notes of the fretboard (not so hard, there are many patterns to help you out) and the order of chords in a key.

That'll allow you to play a whole load of stuff.

Assuming you also want to do more familiar rock and metal riffs ('tallica, maiden, muse...), you'll have to learn to understand whats going on and learn to play them with the right attitude and style. That means lots of right hand work for both muting and the authentic CHUNK of a guy hitting a guitar hard. Because a lot of rock and metal (esp metal) riffs are not chord based, you're going to have to learn scales.

The most important thing with scales is that they are not a list of notes to play in order. They are a vocabulary of note choices, and they create different emotional effects. To get the most out of them, you'll need to PLAY them.
Not just practice them, but twiddle at them, noodle with them, tap them, play them with a slide, play them in sequences (play up 4 notes in the scale from the root, then start on the 2nd note and play 4, and repeat - that'd be a very simple idea) and see how they sound over chords. Most metal riffs are based on a natural minor scale played in powerchords, and thats a pretty easy idea to get.

All i've said is where i'd go if i was a beggining rock guitarist. Good luck, and always create more music. Write now and dont stop.
just wanted to point out, u already know a key thing and thats not to be arrogant and actually ask for help so congrats on that one, it took me a year or so to learn
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B) Think. This may be hard if you havent done it before, so start slow and with a metronome.

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