Ok...so i've been recently pracitcing imporv over some simple chord progressions on the synth ( I IV V I) and such and the improv sounds...well not quite as colorful as i would like my imporve (or even lead) to be I was wondering if anyone could help with some neat tricks to help add some better phrasing to my improv and lead. Also when composing music (for you theory gurus out there) must you always follow the rules? i've asked several music teachers (even my thoery teacher) and they've said There could be a few exceptions, Just wondering because i'm trying to write a classical piece. Any help and all help is much appreciated thanx all
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For better phrasing, ingrain this into your head: Less is more.
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In a good chunk of songs I make up, I never really follow the rules. If you took all the notes played you'd never find it being in key. But it still sounds magical, yes, truly magical. All I can say is... well... I don't know. After I had learned about modes, key, chords, scales, techniques, I just played what was going on. I mean, who is going to make the more colorful, brilliant leads, Mr. Neutral or Mr.Smile and Mrs.Frown? I dont know if this is helping...
No rules without exceptions! (This sentence holds good in any case imaginable)

You shouldn't really wonder so much about these rules, just follow your ear and decide by yourself what YOU think sounds right.
With any instrument, I think it is better to think of it as a sound, and how the piece sounds, more than what note it is, and if it goes against the rules, most people can tell if it it sounds good, and sounding good is more important to think about, and easier once you stop caring about following rules.
Less is more. If I really want to get into the feel, all I do is lay down on the ground in a dark room and get into it. Play what you FEEL not what you WANT. Good luck.

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