Hello there folks!
I was at the guitarstore today, looking for a new acoustic guitar. I had already looked some at the Martin D-16, but it didn't suit my needs, so I hung it back on the wall. Then I took a look at a Guild guitar, and really, I expected the sound to be a lot more, if you know what I mean, the sound was kinda thin, and yet still it's a 3500 dollar guitar..
Anyway, I fell for a guitar by the brand Furch, which I have never heard about before.. Anyway, it's a very expensive guitar, but after talking some to the shopowner, he let me have it reserved for me over the weekend so that I can pick it up on monday. So generally, what I'm wondering is if anyone has got any experience with the brand Furch, do they make good guitars when it comes to quality and well, you know what I mean..

I haven't tried them myself, but i do know a guy who mentions his Furch in every single conversation ever, in a positive way. The reviews on Harmony Central seem fairly positive as well. But what matters most is what you think, and you seem to be very fond of that particular Furch. If you really like it and you can afford it, i say go for it.
I googled it a couple of months ago because i really liked one i tried, i think its a czhech brand. Google it.
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well if it comes with pick, I say get it!
Furch is Czech, hand made(not 100% sure about this) producer of guitars, its very popular in Czech republic, and also in Hungaria. They are exporting their guitars to whole western europe...
Some well known artists play with these guitars.
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