Ok,, I've recently learned the song "Under the Bridge" by RHCP and its fun to play and all, but i'm looking to complete it by being able to sing along with myself playing.. Everytime I start tho, its like i'm trying to pat my head and rub my stomach.. whenever a more difficult part of the song comes up on guitar, the words just seem not to come out... I was wondering if anybody had any tips on getting both down well.. I figured that maybe memorizing one really well would help,, but im not so sure thats going to work.. I was wondering if anybody else has encountered this problem and could tell me of a way that they fixed it, or just knew a way to help me out.. Thanks
gotta make it so you only need to think about the guitar, or only about the singing. not both. memorize them both for sure.
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maybe playing along with the song and your guitar will help as a backround track of some sort? it's just a guess.
When im first learning a new song I get the guitar part down so well that I can play it in my sleep.

Then I start to hum the lyrics outloud. Gradually you get it after a while.
i sorta just recently learned to sing and play at the same time... its still pretty hard... but playing with the song helps.. a know both guitar and vocal parts, also look at what your playing
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When I learn songs, I try to get the lyrics down ICE COLD. That way I can concentrate more on guitar. Practice is the keyword. Correct practice lol. Just get both parts down and eventually, it'll come to you. Learn what lyrics get sung at what chords/arpeggios.

EDIT: At the moment I am trying to learn to sing and play Sgt. Baker on bass. Yep. Paying attention to the timing between notes and lyrics is helping a lot
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