so what do they mean? i know that H is hammer on and P is pull off, and a few others but i dont know most
like / and \ and ~, R, and all the others
so if someone could just write a list of all of them, that would be great
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Pick up any Hal-Leonard guitar book and look in the back. That should explain most of it. I know that the Rock Guitar book has it.
/ means slide up to, like 7/9 means slide up to the ninth fret from the seventh fret.
\ is slide down to, ie. 9/7. The reverse of /

~ usually either means vibrato.

and R usually means to release a bend
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And in the tutorials section in this site it explains them as well.
/ - slide up to __
\ - slide down to __
R - Release bend
~ - Vibrato
h - hammer-on
p - pull-off
P.M. - Palm Mute
T - Tap
Tr. - Trill
V - Strum/pick downwards
^ - Strum/pick upwards
B - Bend
[_] - Natural Harmonic
< - Volume Swell

There's more, but meh.
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