wanted to do my interpretation of this song, not the full cover as it would be 20MB. I obviously prefer my guitar work over my singing but I gave it a try. The sax at the end of the track is tremendous. Maybe I will try to learn sax one day.

Anyways here is my cover of the Floyd classic SOYCD

This one is in memory of Syd.

great job on instruments, vocals really wern't that bad, what kind of gear you using? cause the quality is pretty good, nice to hear a good floyd cover , especially if its in memory of syd.

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It was on Digitech.com as I used a GNX3000 for guitars.

Believe it or not I used a Standard Squier Strat for the guitar parts.

I recorded my vocals using my new Boss BR600 recorder and just used the pre-set settings for vocals.

That was it really