I've started looking around online for a new amp(haven't had time to go to local music store yet ) and I was wonder what people's suggestions were.
I'm budgeting 700-800 CDN so around 630-725 USD towards it and as far as style goes i want something that's got a fairly diverse sound.
i dont really know what amp model to suggest, but if your going to be spending that much on an amp i would either get a low end half stack, or a nice tube amp, maybe a combo, maybe a tube with a box if you get lucky
Dont go for low end stacks, if your gunna go for the stack, at least buy one worth your while. So a nice tube combo is somewhere to start.
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For $25 USD more you could get a Deville, but you'd need some pedals because it has pretty bad distortion, but amazing clean. And if you can't spare $25 USD more than the Hot Rod Deluxe's are good too, a lot cheaper also.
Traynor YCV50 should be in your price range and it will have better distortion then the Deville. Traynor stuff is pretty reliable and they have a great warranty

Kustom Quad 100 might be another option to look at, its not tube but its got a nice clean channel and the effects arn't to bad either. Overdrive might be a little lacking, but a decent distortion pedal should fix that
^ its pretty much an MG with a tube in it lol. I dont know, some people love them though. I just think that the distortion is thin, tinny, its a noisy amp (lots of hissing an buzzing), and the cleans arent all that great.

And you can really compare the AVT to most of those combos in that link. IMO.