hey, ive been messin around with overdrive alot lately and was wonderin if you use it too much, does it mess with your amp?

thanks in advance
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No. They wouldnt make it if it messed up another product. theyd get sued
Overdrive technically means too much tone on your bass. Now i have a 20 watt practice amp and my bass guitar has too much tone for it to handle, so if i turn the tone switch right up, it'll rumble like hell. I wouldn't recommend too much overdrive, it can damage your amp's speaker.
Overdrive literally means, overdriving your amp. Your putting in more signal then the amp can handle thus causing your output signal to be distorted. It should not damage your amp or your speaker (unless of course your amp and speaker are garbage)

Does your amp have a gain knob, or are you using an overdrive pedal? If so, you'll be fine