not exactly sure if this is the right place to post or not, but anyways...

Ive been playing guitar for about 9 months now, i guess im pretty good, and im thinking about buying a new guitar. Does anyone know of a descent guitar that i can get for less than $300, and looks good? (Its ok if it costs a little over 300 bucks, like 350 maximum)
Epiphone Vintage G-400 for $300, Washburn Distressed WI64 for $300...

Or, if you could push it to $375, an Epiphone Les Paul Classic would be great.
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I've heard that the Epi G-400s are decent guitars....

But what type of music do you play? What guitar are you playing now, and what amp do you currently own?
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ya, get a vintage g-400, theyre awesome and they "look good" like you want

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What kind of music do you play? You could pull off a used MIM Strat for that much, or maybe an Agile, but it really depends on your type of music,
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That is a sexy guitar, my friend. I almost bought one like it once.
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