Hi guys

I play Rock, Jazz, Funk and a little bit of metal. And I do a lot of finger works within songs. I have got a Ibanez SR 400 and wanting to upgrade it.

I am currently looking at a SR 900 and a Thunderbird. The only thing I know about the Thunderbird is that they are good at punk, which is the genre I hardly touch. And the SR 900 seems to be capable in the stuff that I play.

So, just a general question about any reviews for the Thunderbird? Basically my knowledge to it is nil...Cheers!!
the SR900 has a neck through, whch can be good and bad

I'd say the sR900 is better suited, but I think the SR500 would be better, and trying five-string would be good as well.

but try them all out.
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What is it like comparing the SR 900 to SR 500?? I think the 500 is cheaper. Thanks anyway!
*whips out ibanez catologue*
mahogany:flame maple
one finish:2 finishes to choose from
output jack on front, but not straight out:side jack
wenge/bubinga neck:maple/bubinga necks
500-600:800-900 (not certain, but fairly close)

I'm personally gonna go with the SR500(505, though 506 seems awesome, as well...)
hmmmmmm ibanez
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with those genres, id say ibanez
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