I'm not quite done getting the parts i ordered (not for another month), but i was thinking of painting the guitar once i get everything to fit inside the pickguard. Should i wet sand or dry sand to get the paint off my guitar.......and what grit sand paper should i use?
I dry sanded mine when I painted it, and use 80 grit to get the paint off, and once its is all clean, use a really fine grit paper
That's a really strong grit of sandpaper to use. R u sure i shouldn't use something a little more fine to take the paint off?
200 to 400 for scuff sanding (dry) should be fine (unless you plan to go to bare wood), shoot the primer/sander/sealer basecoat, wetsand with 800, shoot colorcoat and wetsand 1000, shoot clearcoat and wetsand with 1500 - 2000.

Are you painting this with a single color? Vintage color? Or do you plan to do some design and challenge yourself? Either way, Good Luck!

if you wwant to get to bare wood, there are a few techniques you can use...on is to sand with 60 or 80 grit throught to the wood then sand in steps up to 220....you can also use a heat gun or stripping chemicals