Is it just me or does anyone else notice that dean guitars are slappind Dimes name on anything they can?
I do everything new that they come out with is Dime made or he played one
Yeah they ***** on dime's name but they make alot of other stuff too that doesn't have his or schenker's name on it. Not that I have anything against the two.
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I think you're kinda right TS, but often they're just variations on his sig which he did actually play...
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well you know he had a sheet on which he drew about 10 or so differenet models with different paint schemes and now theyve got way way way too many Dime sigs as much as i respect Dean for releasing them i gotta say that they have overdone it by a long shot
dean is make shure he isent forgoten and i have a dean and it kicks ass if the have somthing with dime u know its good
yeah but when you think about it dime was with washburn a fair chunk because deans fell off the world and I think dean has gone a little overbored with them dime always had a trem and theres sigs without trems WTF dean is doing the same thing as Krank another company dime was with a short time before his death
dimebag was dean's first endorsement, if it wasnt for him, dean wouldnt be half as popular as it is now..they kinda owe it to him
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I don't mind the amount of dean sigs but its the fact the only guitars (except the new soltero) Dean cares about selling is Dime's, I don't like MLs as much as Vs, wheree are the Vs that dean makes? going for £1000 because its a smegging razorback or goldplated or some crap like that
Well they are a corporation... the goal is to make money and they do that by selling dime.
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Dean Endorsed A Lot Peolpe Not Just Dime Iron Maiden, UFO, Nitro, Zakk Wylde, The Cars

IDK About You But Even The Lowend Models Are Amazing Quality For Being So Cheap
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dimebag was dean's first endorsement, if it wasnt for him, dean wouldnt be half as popular as it is now..they kinda owe it to him

yeah, there's no chance i would've heard of dean if it wasn't for dime. they do make kick ass guitars, but i wouldn't buy one unless they made a 24 fret model.
I really dislike the whole Dimebag thing with Dean guitars. I think I might have liked them, I actually love their Vendetta series, but the whole Dimebag affair they're pushing so hard is so... skanky.
He had all the razorbacks and razorback V's designed on paper before his death. Dean really only made 2 guitars just different variations, color schemes, etc. The Dean From Hell/CFH guitar was being planned for years also.
but when you see dean adverts, they only ever use dime to advertise, or the nobs out of trivium who just play razorbacks anyway. dean need to think about what's gonna happen when people get bored of them using dimes image to sell their guitars. people'll just stop buying them.
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The new Soltero has nothing to do with Dimebag.

Dimebag was just their biggest endorsee, and he faced a tragic death. Dean is trying to make sure he isn't forgotten.

Trying to make him remembered... Biggest crock of bullshit I've heard all day. All they want is to profit off his name by selling shit to teenage metalheads....
Exactly. Even if there were people Dime had worked with at Dean who wanted to "make sure he isn't forgotten" by releasing 28,421 different signature models, there's no way upper management would see it that way. They've used him as their personal cash cow for two years now.

Which, I should add, is just the reality of modern business, I'm not going to protest Dean Corporate HQ or anything. A lot of companies would have done the same - hell, just look at the number of tributes to Dime in the big guitar magazines since he was shot. Same deal with Randy Rhoads and Jimi Hendrix. Hopefully Dean will tone it down a bit now that they're attracting high-profile new endorsees like Dave Mustaine.
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Quote by Eirien
but when you see dean adverts, they only ever use dime to advertise, or the nobs out of trivium who just play razorbacks anyway. dean need to think about what's gonna happen when people get bored of them using dimes image to sell their guitars. people'll just stop buying them.

I love how you describe them as "(k)nobs" for no apparent reason. Also, the new ads have the Schenker brothers on them (centre stage) as well as Dimebag, Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieau.
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Quote by the slayer 6660
dean is make shure he isent forgoten and i have a dean and it kicks ass if the have somthing with dime u know its good

Not so. Those low end model Dime MLs aren't that great at all. They just look like guitars Dime played. Dime himself wouldn't even think of playing one of those guitars. Those low end models really are Dean trying to cash in on Dime's name. Now the higher end ML and Razorbacks are good guitars. They're not really the guitar for me, but they are good quality instruments, even the import models. If I had the cash, I'd get a high end Dime ML, Razorback, and Razorback V just to say I've got them.

One thing did soil my image of Dean though. After Dime died, they released a 'tribute video' of Dime - something that I figured what a good idea. Hell, I would have done it in their position too. But it turns out that the Dean headstock and logo seemed to have a more prominent place in the video than Dime did. And that shit was released just days after Dime's death. To me, that was just shamelessly plugging their brand on the shoulders of our fallen hero.
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its want consumers want...get over it.

if you know you can sell a cup with a stupid smiley painted on it for 50 bucks..and people go crazy about it..wouldn't you make a ton of 'm? =P
I like Dean guitars, I've got one. But I do think they are cashing in way too much on Dime; especially since he played a Washburn signature for a large part of his career.
Fair enough the CBFH model which is probably Dime's most famous guitar and the Razorback which he designed. But... 500 different ML's in random colours with Dime written on them just as a selling point is blatantly cashing in.
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I have been a Dean fan for a little while now and yes I always gavitated towards their Hardtail design over any of the Dime series. I think that is where this companies guitars really show their quality and design. The new USA Soltero is unreal. I have one and it has only it's name on that headstock. Now there is a new Leslie West model that just came out but it is a single humbucker Solter guiitar. The Soltero is to die for man! Really awesome.
I love Dean's 79 series guitars. (ML, V, ) I think if they focused on making guitars like those a bit more, they wouldn't be criticized as much for the Dime guitars. IMO, they went just a bit overboard with the while Dime thing. I am a fan of Dimes, but I think you can only take a name so far.
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Who the hell is Dime?

But really. They're a corporation. Morality is the principal enemy of corporate success. Of course they try to capitalize on his death. I don't blame them. It's not every day that a heavy metal icon dies, and a company gets a chance to sell the weapon of a fallen hero. From a business perspective, it would be stupid to miss such a chance, and I'd fire any marketer on the spot, if they said it's a bad idea to capitalize on a death of a famous musician. Not only that, but I'd try to make enough kids to sincerely believe it's about keeping the memory of Dime alive, or some other bollocks like that. As long as we don't all understand that musicians' memory lives on in their music, that marketing tactic will sell guitars like hot cakes. With icing. And a cherry on top.
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I liked that evo series like the noir or phantom as it used to be called
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I really only find this to be true in the larger stores. Dean makes alot of different guitars and if you go to some of the smaller more highend places you may see a Dime model or 2, but they are going to be $3000+. Non sig ML79's, V's Hardtails, caddies, and solteros is more of what's in the offering. Larger stores are geared more towards younger people and what they think they want. Smaller more highend places are geared alot more towards The $1000+ buyer and those people usually aren't looking for sig guitars. Best way to find out what Dean makes is to go to their website and check out all the different models. I'm sure you'll find something to your liking rather it's a few hundred dollars or several thousand, sig or not.
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i was in my local music emporium and while i was admiring the wall to wall guitar display, i too noticed the over-selling of dime models. almost a whole wall of guitar was nothing but Dean and over half of those had Dime's face/name plastered on there, even though i really never saw him playing some of the ones they had. i asked a buddy of mine who worked there about it and his exact words were " Those guitars never actually come down from there. we have a stock in the back too that just keeps getting dust and bugs on them."

is this really how we're supposed to "remember" a guitar legend? by mass-producing a bunch of ripoff guitars that dont even sell?.... i say its BS.
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Look at it from the company's point of view: you've just signed an expensive endorsement deal and suddenly your artist dies.
From a fans point of view this is of course a traggic event for obvious reasons, but the company isn't that happy either: they've lost a promoter and have effectively flushed a large amount of money down the toilet.

I admit this is a rather emotionless way of looking at his death, but this is going to be the way a company is going to see it.

Now, let's say you're Dean, you can either keep his original sig on the market, maybe release a tribute and then let it go or you can make full use of the contract he signed.

Given that people like profit and sales, the chance of them going for the latter is substantially bigger than them letting him be, so they start releasing tribute model after tribute model.

Who's going to stop them? No one, and why should they?.
The company see their sales go up and Dime's family, who will most likely have a profitable agreement with Dean want Dimebag's legacy to stay alive and even if Dean do make a lot of money by selling his signature models, it does keep the focus on Dime.

A guitar company might have a "cool" image, but that doesn't mean they're not a company. They use the same business tactics a regular company does and they should, because otherwise they won't survive.

Personally I'm getting pretty tired of the many different Dimebag models constantly being released, but I can understand why they do it and also why Dime's family and friends will agree with Dean's strategy.

However, where making money by selling signature models, even if the endorser is dead, is understandable, I really don't get the Tailor 9/11 memorial ad.

For those of you who haven't seen it, it's a two page ad: the left page is completely black, accept for a short sentence about remembering 9/11 and a small Tailor logo. The right page was a regular Tailor ad.

If anyone can explain to me why Tailor think they should be the chosen ones to make sure we don't forget 9/11 and also, even if they think that they should do it, why a memorial ad should have their logo in the bottom corner, I'd appreciate it.
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