Ok well I have a hundred dollars saved up and a birthday coming soon. So I was wondering what effect I should get next or what I would use the most.
My current gear is a Vox ad30vt and epiphone lp. I already have a boss ds-1 and I like to play alot of classic rock alot of Pink Floyd and Zeppelin.
I was thinking maybe the boss digital delay or the cry baby wah, but I have no idea where to start.
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go for the Weeping Demon....you may have to save up some more though
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Dude i got an RP80 for 80 bucks and it does whatever i want it to, plus its got an onboard tuner and a drum machine for when i practice. i programmed in a hendrix setting and a GNR setting, but im sure you could find a perfect sound for yourself in it.
First of all, if you are going wah I would get the Weeping Demon or Tremonti Power wah, both great! Also, you NEED to get a Whammy pedal to mess around with and bug friends and family
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get a weeping demon
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Get a Vox Wah or a Dunlop Wah

A delay pedal is a usefull little thing, the Boss Digital delay isn't a bad one, and it isn't to expensive (about $200 Cdn)
If you're looking for a wah pedal a Vox V847 would probably be best for your styles
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