In a land of makebelieve were all in reverse
Gears will turn counter-clockwise
the birds will never chirp
ill find the love of my life
and people will be free
hate will see the end
and war would accompany

i walk the bridge with a gun in my pocket
im gunna see the other side but would if i dont want it
i take a look at the ocean in the sky
God, im gunna miss all the stars up so high
i pull the gun out and put the barrel to my head
if i dont go to heaven well, im sure you did.

i pull the gun away point the barrel so high
and scream if i dont live then please, please dont cry
Theres people all around me yelling you dont have to die
i stare at all those peoples eyes and i shout good bye

Wake up in another time, in another place
Look around and only see one familiar face
My own reflection staring right back at me
Why? I say The gears set back and you will never see
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Loved the ending to it.

the second stanza needs work, at least the lines in the middle. I love the first and last line of it. Great idea for a song really.

I cant find a flow to the second half of the first stanza, but i'm sure you can.

I'd really like to know what caused you to write this.