i am thinking of trying to start recording my own songs and mixing them and **** on a computer. i really dont care about quality but i need to first buy a decent computer and then a fairly cheap and user friendy recording/mixing program which i can have several layers and possibly synth drums and bass. so does anyone do this and what would you suggest?
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Get a firewire interface with XLR inputs. Connect it to your computer and open your sequencer of choice. Thers a lot of them, but they're expensive. Then you plug your instrument into the interface, set the track in the sequencer to use the right input, arm for recording, press play, and start performing.
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You can buy special sound cards where you can plug guitars directly into the pc. The cards are some serious cash though. If you dont care that much about quality get a decent mic for the computer and just set it up next to your amp. There are alot of freeware drumming programs out there and even more programs that let you edit the recorded tracks like Acid Music and Audacity. I've recorded a couple bands using this very DIY method and after a couple hours of mixing and editing you can get it so sound much better. Good luck!
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