ive been searching around for amplifiers for a while now and im still unsure of which to get

Line 6 Spider II 210- £199.99
Crate GT212- £229.99
Vox AD50VT- £229.99
Marshall MG50DFX- £229.99

i would like to know which takes effects best also

any advice?

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Out of those specific ones: VOX! lol

Practice amps you should stay away from are; Line6, Crate, Marshall MGs, Marshall AVTs..etc.
out of thoes the vox for sure.
For metal get a roland cube
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i would say a crate.....ive owned both a spider and a vox AD.....the spider had kickass tone, but fell apart after a year...the vox seems very sturdy, but the tone is questionable. ive heard that crate is pretty reliable.

as for effects..probably teh spider....the vox has like 12, but you can only turn one on at a time...spider, you can use three.
still, i would say crate....or a roland cube.
i honestly dont like the vox, get a cube.
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save up an additional £50 and get an epiphone valve combo or a fender pro jr
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.....the spider had kickass tone

...I just dont like the Spiders tone thats all.
lol yeah....its the subject of quite a few arguments... yes its not a mesa...but for the price range, (its now down to 200$) i think people diss it way to badly. i had a far bigger problem with its quality....the model knob started to act independantly, and then last year it just completely shut down... for that reason i suggest staying away from them...
No modelling amps take pedals well.
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Maybe a Kustom quad 100 dfx, not a modeling amp, so it would take pedals well.
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Kustom sucks too.
Try Hartke.
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I'd get either a Vox or Cube, however, I'd perfer the Vox. For effects though, the Cube would probably take them better.
Depends what styles of music you want to play.

But either Vox, Roland Cube, a used Fender Blues Jr, a Laney VC15 or LC15
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