Hi to everyone!!
I have got a question...

There is a particular way to play the cool fast part,or it just depend on how fast i move my fingers??

thanks to all!


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mhh..i'm playing this one,the version 5,but if that's more correct i will do that,what you think?

A ]-------------------------------------------------------|
G ]-----------4------------------------4------------------|
D ]-----5-4-5---5-4-5----------0-5-4-5---5-4-5------------|
B ]---7---------------------------------------------------|
E ]-------------------------------------------------------|
E ]-------------------------------------------------------|
A ]-------------------------------------------------------|
G ]-----------4------------------------4------------------|
D ]-----5-4-5---5-4-5------------5-4-5---5-4-5------------|
B ]---3------------------------2--------------------------|
E ]-------------------------------------------------------|

(i pasted it from the tab,but it didn't pasted well sorry )

whatever,this is the part that i can't do:p
is there any special way to do it??or it's just up to my fingers' speed?
Make sure your guitar is in dropped d tuning. Just drop the E string (aka the 6th string, aka the biggest string) down so when you tune it, the 7th fret is the same note as the A string (aka the 5th string, aka the 2nd biggest string). I didn't get that when I was brand new and it sounded like crap when I tried playing it. Also, like all things on the guitar, just practice and you'll be up to speed eventually. That riff that 86th fret shows is also palm muted during the verse if that helps at all. You're also playing the same notes in both versions posted.
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Sorry for the double post but my internet is being dumb, those are actually the same notes as the version 86th fret posted, its just easier on his version than yours. Give his a shot.
i understood..so just put it in drop d and then practice and practice again,and again,and again.....but it's still correct his version too??
Yep, both of those versions are using the same notes, just on different strings and the one you're using is a lot harder. Its really not that hard once you play through it a few times and you hear that it sounds good, then you just have to keep practicing it until you're up to speed.
thank you very much for the help!!

i will go practicing immediatly..cya!!
Actually. I was just playing this earlier. Cool lick.
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mhhh..i'm still here!:P

but..you just alternate your forefinger and middle finger on the strings or you use some trick like using just the forefinger on 2 strings and let it going down and up..so you can do easily the


what do you think about it?
sorry for all those questions,but i'm a noob with guitar:p
Its easier to alternate your fingers, 1st and 2nd works just fine. Don't worry about asking too many questions, we've all been noobs before...look at my freakin screen name.
thank you very much!
about yesterday you were right,the tab putted by 86th fret is more simple to do than mine,but i tried mine too many times that now it looks more simple too me:p,my fingers started to move by theirselves...XD

thanks again
I play it like 86th fret shows. However, its a little bit easier in standard tuning.

Its all about being able to move your fingers easily to the frets they should be. With enough practice, you'll be able to do it without thinking.
Been away, am back
here i am again!!
yesterday i practiced all the day...:P
i started hearing something like the song coming from my guitar,but the sound is..how can i say it..weird?it's discontinuos...should i increase the "gain" of my amplifier to get the sound of the song??

and another question..is this right?

E ]----7-7-7--7--7-7----3-3-3--3--3-3------5------7------8-------10-------|
A ]----7-7-7--7--7-7----3-3-3--3--3-3------5------7------8-------10-------|
G ]----9-9-9--9--9-9----5-5-5--5--5-5------7------9------10------12-------|
D ]----9-9-9--9--9-9----5-5-5--5--5-5------7-x4---9-x4---10-x4---12-x4----|
B ]----7-7-7--7--7-7----3-3-3--3--3-3------5------7------8-------10-------|
E ]----7-7-7--7--7-7----3-3-3--3--3-3------5------7------8-------10-------|

or should i use the other version of it?

last question..this song was in the "beginner's songs list"...but it's sound a bit difficult to me..not for the things that i must do,just because of the speed..i'm in doubt if i'm really too slow to play a guitar and i should stop it or if it's normal for everyone having some problems with this song..

thanks a lot!!
^ I just use powerchords for that song, not barres!

Ill remove the song from that thread
Been away, am back
i wasn't saying that you made a wrong decision putting it in that thread,i was just asking if i'm too bad with my guitar...

sorry if i said something wrong,i'm not english and maybe i can spell things wrongly..xD

thanks for your answer
mhh..now i'm a bit confused..xD if u se powerchords i shoul read the other version of the song..and if i use the other version+ powerchords i should tune my guitar in drop d,am i wrong?

thanks again for everything!!
i hope i will become fast a nice guitarist so i won't bother you more:P
Here i am again!!After days and days of practicing,i almost got it..:P
i'm doing it quite good...:P
no problems with the chorus too

well,the only thing that i can't understand now..how can i do the palm muted part sounds like the real song??it doesn't sound that cool doing with my guitar..
it's because of the amplifier?how should i adjust things like treble,bass,gain,middle...??
or maybe it's something else xD...
how do you do it??

thanks again for the help..without it i never could do it!!
didnt see it anywhere, so what kind of guitar are you playing, and what amp do you have? This info will help us give tips and such about settings you could try out on your amp. For instance, I have a Crate GLX30 amp, so my Gain is at like 2/3, and Shape around there as well (sorry if your amp doesn't have this) and volume at like 1/3. All on the lead channel, obv.

hope this helps.
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I would like to continue to pursue my quest for the truth and reveal the fact that the cool riff you are talking about was in fact stolen from Iron Maiden's song: Infinite Dreams. Anyways good luck with playing it.



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I would like to continue to pursue my quest for the truth and reveal the fact that the cool riff you are talking about was in fact stolen from Iron Maiden's song: Infinite Dreams. Anyways good luck with playing it.

True dat.[\very deep voice] @ Papa Roach.

Strangely enough I was listening to Infinite Dreams when I clicked on this thread and right when I went to the 2nd page that riff started playing.
my guitar is an affinity series squier strat..
the amplifier is a "fender frontman amp (15g)"
mhh..it has got standard buttons..xD volume,gain,treble,bass,middle,presence...

thanks again for the help:p
the way i get that sound, is on the lead channel, with 3/4 full gain, and a fairly loud volume. when you palm mute, it gives it that nice chunky sound on the 6th string, and that quick muted sound on the 4-5 strings..

hope that helps some.... most amps lead channels only have gain and volume, maybe shape (mine is set at 3/4 on that too), so those are the settings i give you.

hope your quest for the resort is coming along well. cheers!
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Originally Posted by Gibson_Rocker13
why the hell would you worship satan if hes gunna torture the **** out of you.