Do I have to worry about doing this with this type of amp ?

In about a month (very soon) I can apply for a credit card and during that waiting period I am doing some research before I buy.

I also took a look at an Ibanez RG321 Electric Guitar.

Want to play blues (not really) and mostly power metal or just plain have fun playing random cool sounding tunes.
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^ thatd be sweet. All those sweet amp sims but with the marmth and power of an all tube power amp! It would be like the 15 or the 30 so you can really crank it...

lol even though I have no idea if that would sound good or not...
SS preamps with tube poweramps dont sound as good as just plain all SS or all tube. I've tried running a preamp out of an SS amp into a tube power amp and the results were rather lacking.

SS poweramps are for SS signals, and Tube poweramps are for tube signals.
Ibanez -> Peavey -> Eardrums

Apparently I'm on some list of people to listen to..?
ermm, so... uhh do I need to replace valves or tubes? (whatever this Amp uses)

I'm such a noob.... wait a second ALL AMPS will need either a valve or tube replacement right ?