ok not really a dilemma.. but it's been bothering me for a while now. I've been learning acoustic for bout 6 months since end of last year. 2 months ago, I decided to switch to classical coz i thought it would help me with my techniques, accuracy n such. i really wanna play all those classical songs, but was just thinking.. should I stick to the syllabus for guitar grade 1 or just ask my teacher to teach songs? coz he's a self-taught guitarist who took lessons much later, so he isn't really interested in teaching the syllabus himself, and I don't feel much progress in my playing. I mean i do like it when I begin to be able to read and understand more theory.. but the book is easy to learn on ur own. all the details are already explained inside.. all u need to do is just practise. so i was thinking, should i just stick to this teacher with the syllabus? ask him to just teach classical songs while i self-learn the book? or am I better off learning classical from someone else? I'm just not very sure whether this guy is as good as teaching classical as he is in acoustic and electric. ><
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It's very hard to tell from your description whether your teacher can even play classical well or not. He may seem to play 'all sorts of classical stuff' but does he know the finer aspects? That's very hard to tell unless we've seen him play.

I'd rather learn classical from someone who specialises in it. That's if you're really interested in putting 80% of your effort in classical. The real deal takes up tons of time and effort, and it's more than learning some theory and playing more and more pieces. The serious study of the music goes far beyond that. Decide whether you're willing to put alot of effort into it or not.
at first when i read ur post, I was thinking I don't know how serious I am in this yet.. but anyways after a good night's rest, I feel like giving a shot at it. even if it doesn't really work out for me later I could always switch methods of learning, so no harm trying. thinking back, this guy did tell me b4 that he could teach me grade 1-3 classical, but beyond that he would have to refer me to one of his friends. I guess I need to discuss with him what I really want with my playing b4 continuing then. thx for ur help.