LAF no.

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Jenny needs to sow her wild oats with random Gibsons and Taylors she picks up in bars before she settles down with a PRS.

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nah, and it'll sound like ass. don't fall for gimmicks like those.
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how do those marshall handles compare tonewise to, say, mesa handles?

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Does it look impressive enough in a small gig, well it certainly beats using a cube 30.

1. It wont look impressive, you will look like a fool
2. No it doesnt beat using a cube 30

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Well, by not lusting after a MG100hdfx halfstack, we know his dick isn't that small. . .
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Epic win. He speaks the truth, boys and girls.

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dont waste your money on that. if your looking for an ashdown amp to gig with then go for the all tube 60 dsl or the 180. i saw one at a store and im gona back and try it out soon. it looks pretty nice. ill tell you how it sounds.
your monitor may be bigger then that stack, they aren't no monster 4X12 stacks i hope you realised that.

it's basically a small watt bedroom amp that just looks cool so unintelegent non-ugers go and get them because it looks better then a small box in your room
i think it looks pretty rediculous. atleast the cube has some kind of tone
That thing looks hilarious, if I had spare cash lying around I'd totally buy it
Seriously, I almost bought a Hiwatt mini stack on ebay a little while ago. Low wattage solid states with ****ty speakers can give you some messed up tones when cranked
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It looks so cool though, it's actually not as small, just 2 1x8" speakers for cabs, it's so cooooool!!!! <3

If i had the cash I would get that.
If you really want the look, just get a decent 2x12 or 4x12 and run your Cube through that.
If you wanna look like a complete pimp, show up with a twin reverb. THAT'll let them know whos the boss. Btw digital spring reverb huh? hmmmmm...... Oh yea im being serious btw cuz i got a TR and they kick ass really hard.
yeah run your 30watt solid state through a cab

EEEKKKK that might achually sound as bad as those little stacks.
there crap, dont get one
i'd rather just look at one then play one...they sound that bad
well i've never played the ashdown, but the MG one sounded WORSE then a mg15....yes i said worse
Yea, I was so pissed off when the sales dude plugged me into a MG100, bastards.

Then I asked them to plug me into a Hartke 60 watt tube combo.