Okay, so some guitarists use their thumb to hold down bass notes on the bottom two strings so they have more freedom with their other fingers- is this just like learning barre chords, where I will get it given time, or is my hand just too small to cope with wrapping around the neck?

My guess is I just keep practicsing it, but I just wanted to see if any one else can give some advice.

Many thanks, apologies if this has come up before, but I'm never over in this forum.
its not essential to use your thumb (im guessin your on bout fretting with your thumb), some pros even say its bad for your hand in the long run. ideally you should just use your fingers and keep your thumb on the back of the neck (or at the side if you like).
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It's not that I feel I need to, I want to learn how to do it early on, I've only been playing for around 2 years, and I feel it will give me more freedom. I just wanted to know if it was something that I needed to practise, or something that needs big hands
It's only really possible if you have quite large hands. I have huge hands so i can without out much bother. I don't normally because it encourages me to put my hand in the wrong position behind the neck and it starts to feel uncomfortable after a while.

You could practice it but it does require quite large hands even so i don't recommend learning it as a technique that you want to use a lot. You'd be better off using you practicing time getting your hand really fast and super smooth on chord changes because ultimately that's what you'll end up doing all the time.
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bad for your hand in the long run!??! daaamn i love using my thumb, i just use it without thinking nowadays. but yeah you definitly need big hands
My hands aren't all that big and I don't have much trouble doing it at all
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Hendrix did that. Every time I learn one of his songs in lessons my teacher laughs at how he tells me not to use my thumb but then Hendrix does in many of his songs.
Yes, well I first thought about it after watching a John Frusciante guitar lesson online, an it just seemed a like a good idea to try and learn. So thanks for the input, I guess I'll just keep on trying it and if I get it I get it, If I don't, I don't.

I do it all the time, especially to add bass notes to single picking lines.
My hands are probally a little bigger than average. I only use it for chords like, D/F#
and then some jazz chords that are like impossible without it.

John mayer has a huge thumb.
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As said before Jimi Hendrix did it a lot, I play a lot of Jimi Hendrix and just picked it up naturally while learning his songs. I don't find it difficult at all, and I would say I have average size hands, though I've been told that my hands are pretty big.