I've played the WD7 a few times already, and it sounded ok, but lacked something I couldn't quite pinpoint (it was something that the Vox Clyde McCoy reissue has; even on playing with high gain).

I heard that if you open up the bottom of the Weeping Demon, there are two pots you can turn to change the way the wah sounds in a drastic way, but does anybody have any pictures or schematics to show me what to do in there?

I also wanna know if turning those pots really makes that much of a difference. Any soundclips would be great.
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Doesn't say anything about pots on the inside of the pedal, but there are 2 pots underneath the treadle if thats what you mean- they control the auto-off timer and hte maximum frequency controlled by the sweep. Wouldn't really affect the tone much, I reckon, though the Q/Peak control would have a large effect on the sound. Have you tried messing with those?
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The versatility of the wah is really the biggest selling point for me, but it lacks a certain sound quality that I can't really pinpoint.

If anyone has any pictures of the inside of a Weeping Demon that'd be cool.
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