one last time you beg of me
one last chance you pleed
never try yourself
always ask for help
in time im sure you'll understand
all i have done for you
not much more i can do
it all shuts down
enter the hole inside
see my wounded mind
Bring out my dark side
* spoken over VERSE*

(enter my broken mind)-scream this

(I am doging your questions)
How do you always ask for help - *sing*
(i will not help you again)
time for you to try and help yourself-*sing*
Interesting lyrics. I really like the idea of a spoken part over a verse. It's not done that often. The lyrics in the chorus are cool, like someones mind screaming the parts in parentheses and saying them in a nicer way (parts not in parentheses). Really cool, you'll have to record this and post it on UG sometime. I'm looking forward to hearing it.
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