Well....I've got an Ibanez guitar since last December....Althrough,i haven't listen to its "electric" sound,cause i couldn't afford to buy a good amp,i didn't want to buy a crappy one and cheap....
LAter,last month,even i don't know how did i convice myself to spent almost 300euros buying a keyboard....I did that because i like piano,and,generally,classical music....But,i founded out myself how difficult was to learn playing by myself,without anyone teach me;it isn't like the guitar,which i learned by myself.....And,in any case,i don't like anymore playing the keyboards,don't know why :S
So,i am considering selling it and buying an amp for my guitar....But i am afraid,if i will get myself disappointed again......

So YOU tell me
In other words:I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, personally I'd advise you to sell the piano and spend the money on dope, booze and hookers.

Jesus, kid... If you want an amp, buy an amp, if you don't, then don't... Christ...
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if you really dont plan on playing the keyboard then buy an amp but if you can live playing your guitar without an amp then keep the keyboard and save money
I'd sell the keyboard and get a new amp. But if it's one of the cheap 300 dollar starter 'boards I doubt you could get much for it.
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Hmmm....Thnx for the replies!(bananaguitar&jmag LOL)
Althrough,i thinked to start saving money over again,but it is a damn long time.....
AM I A JERK?!?!?