anyone feel like your wrist is hurting slightly when your standing and playing? especially when holding chords around the 12th fret. i wanna know if there's something wrong or it is like getting a callous; just continue and it'll be fine.
If I have my guitar in my usual standing position (which is pickups/middle body just below the waist, neither ultra high or Blink 182 ankle rider style) I have trouble sweeping on high frets because I cant move my hand round the neck enough, but for everything else its fine. Unless you have your guitar round your ankles I cant see why it would be a problem.
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when you start standing, keep the guitar high...then you can slowly lower it over time

most people start out with their guitars up on their stomachs, then over time you can lower it and the pain will go away (in a couple weeks). Practice it though
Jest be like Fripp and play sitting down
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Due to the nature of the guitar, the higher up on your body you play it the better it is physiologically. I play with my guitar above my waist, just under my pectoralis muscles. If you play your guitar too low you'll end up permanently damaging your wrist and hand muscles. What you're feeling is the first effects of your muscles and tendons being put in positions they're not supposed to be in. Just keep your guitar high and you won't have any problems.
this only happens when im moving from a low fret (3-5) to a higher one (12-14). holding the chord or shape down doesnt give me the weird feeling. it feels like im cracking my finger, just that its happening on my wrist. playing at a position which doesnt require quick movements from high up to low frets have no effect. and only when i have to do it quickly.
Quote by I AM JE§US
set your strap lower dumbass.

mate your probably the dumbass here. set your strap higher not lower
ok to end all of these topics - this is my advice based on how i solved the same problem.

I started reasonably high but not embarrasingly high, and i made a rule, i learn guitar whilst sitting (ie if im learning a new song, i sit down and learn it) and i play guitar whilst standing (ie playing a song i've learnt, practicing songs i've learn etc).

your wrist will feel strained and uncomfortable yes. so raise your guitar a bit. over time lower it. it's not because standing and playing is bad for your wrist, no, but rather it's because the muscles in the wrist have to adapt to playing at a different height. if you slowly lower the guitar overtime, it's like going to the gym - you wouldn't pick up the 30 kg dumbells, you'd pickup the 5 kg ones and work your way up over time.

keep it up, you'll manage, you'll get those wrists stronger.
Heave the strap on your guitar tighter so it is higher up against your body, I used to play with it by my waist and the weight pushed down on my hand affecting speed and increasing the likelihood of a wrist injury.

You will find it frees you a hell of a lot being closer to your face and you will have more freedom for your hand to move about.