great guitars ,you will have no regrets , and its a lifetime keeper for investment ie 30 years from now.
sweet, for how much?
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650 with a hardshell case and barely tarnished, one chip above strap button, otherwise, perfect. It sounds so fukin vintage, its sweet. the cleans are amazing and its already almost 30 years old. love this thing
Does it say Gibson on the headstock, or am I going blind?

The only thing that turns me off is the top, it's hardly figured at all, plus the color looks bad on it. Other than that i'm sure it sounds great.

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^IMO wine red lp's are one of the nicest colours to get it in, and congrats on the guitar
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What is plexi? Do you mean a guitar made out of plexiglass?
it does say ibanez on the headstock, it's just the I is really swirly.
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