I play hard rock/ classic/ stevie ray vaughan style blues. What type of pedal should I get? What is the price range for that pedal? And what brand should I get?
What type of amp are you using? You could grab an OD to push tubes if you are playing with tube amps, or just get an OD and use the gain on it. Check out Tubescreamers (various models) and the Boss SD-1. The Boss will be a good bit cheaper than the nice tubescreamers.
^FM or tube?
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actually I never really bothered to see what kind it was. I bought it off a friend who said he got it out of his Strat squier pack.
The strat pack amps(frontman 15g) aren't tube, man. I would advise saving up and getting a fender blues junior or peavey classic 30. Those amps will give great tone and versatility(even more with OD pedals and such).
Save your money for a nice valve combo, you'll be incredibly happy with one for the stuff you play.
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