there great, if u don't want a heavy les paul get it, its amazing
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there pretty good i use one for gigging and nothing bad has happend in the year that ive had it.
i have a special and i love the actions great and detunes well but theres only 22 frets....
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G-400 is a really nice guitar, even better with a Pup change. Anything below that is probally going to bite balls like Epi's other lowend guitars.
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If you want an epi sg, I suggest the iommi signature, its awesome and you won't have to change the pups, because they are really awesome.
Originally posted by XMetallica73X
i would love iran compared to this place trust me, they dont lie to you

Epi G-400 or nothing/

Epi LP studio (standard if you want the looks, but costs more and not worth it) or nothing

they sort of suck, unless you pay 250 bucks for one, get a used gibson for about the same on ebay.
Epi G-400 Standard, Great guitars Easy to play, Great fret access, All around great guitars, But could use pup change,

Epi G-400 Custom (Triple pickup), Beautiful Guitars, But the third pickup Doesn't do much for the sound,

Epi G-400 Tony Iommi, Great guitar, 24 frets, Great pickups, But the strap button is in a weird place,

Epi SG Spacial, *Clears throat* , not saying there bad guitars (for those of you who have them) But you could do better,
Its a decent guitar. The action on mine is quite good and I like the sound. The only band thing is the wood it is made out of is kinda flimsy.
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im not a huge fan of my g-310 the way it came out shocked me i thought that they would of had done a half decent job with the glue still left on fretboard ****ing stupid oh well converting it to fretless anyway so cant complain
Well what's your price range? They're good for the price, yeah, but if their at the low end of your price range you might as well go for something a little better.
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