Hey dooodz just done this for the coldplay cover contest, thought i'd release it in this forum also...rules were acoustic only i believe...enjoy...comments very welcome. C4C. Link in sig
Awesome, this is my favourite Coldplay song, are u gonna do a piano version of it at any point?
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These Covers are brilliant my friend, i really like them.
You've got a really nice voice, one that you could just kick back, chill our and listen to for hours. I really like it.
PM me if you do anymore or if you get some of your own stuff down please!!
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Great stuff man! I really enjoyed it!... Why didnt you try to just falsetto the last part? where you hold the note for the bar ?? I guess originality is cool
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Pretty cool. I like how you transcripted the piano to the guitar, AND managed to add originality. Vox were a bit edgy at points, but it all adds to how you made the song your own. Nice effect on the voice, it really adds to the beauty of the song, its also great how you didnt do a stone cold cover in terms of vocals delivery and guitar transcription. for constructive criticism, id maybe work on the chorus a bit, the notes Chris reaches are hard, as you most likely dont punch yourself in the balls when its time to hit a high note lol

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