This is a recording from a long time ago that I did with a band that I don't even think is together anymore, because of musical differences.. It's pretty punk influenced I think, I played guitars on the track. I'm just wondering what you guys thought of it, if it's any good. It's called London Horizon, the webpage is right here. Thanks a lot. Oh and I know the drums in the beginning are pretty bad. Whatever.
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hmm, i didnt like it too much. the tone on the guitar was a bit bleurgh, and the solo dint sound right.
Yeah... I'm not saying it's the best recording, or even decent, I basically left these guys because I was tired of playing powerchords and that's all they wanted me to do. And for the comment above this, I agree with the tone comments, but I still think it sounds good as a whole for recording it in the drummer's basment.
Not bad for a quick basement job... did you play the lead? It's catchy. Good stuff.
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Thanks man. Yeah I played both guitars and did overdubs.. so two guitar tracks. And I have to say that I expected you to flame this thread because of my posts in your song's thread. So thank you for acting like an adult there (no sarcasm or hard feelings intended).
Recording is meh. Instruments are pretty good, although pretty basic. Nothing great. To be honest, Im sick of hearing singers who sound like that. Solo/lead thing is pretty good, but simple. I'd get a better singer, maybe some better recordings and some decent riffs that work with the type of music. All in all, I'd say 6/10

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