I had heard that this band sounded like the Minutemen (who are one of my favorite bands), so I checked them out and sure enough they have a very similar sound. This is their myspace and this is their site. They call themselves punk, but I think that this is an alright place for this thread. They have a pretty "Indy" sound on some of their songs. Anyway, I've been pleasantly surprised by how good they are and I'm planning on getting at least one of their cds.
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like the wrestler?

Exact same thing that popped into my head
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Haha. I'd never heard of the wrestler before I heard of this band and when I looked them up on google there was a bunch of stories about how he's dead and all. But I dare say that they are better than the wrestler.
i highly doubt that...

Just joshing. I will look into these, they sound interesting.