Does anyone know the guitarists from the Albums, The Jester Race, Clayman and Whoracle? And where can I find a guide to there guitar setups also. Thanks
I'm pretty sure they used Peavy 5150 (regular and +)
And I also think they used gibson guitars...
Not to sure on the guitars
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Yea they use peavey 5150/+ and one uses a gibson explorer and the other uses a les paul
one of the finest bands in the world, but i have no info on them
One of them use a Pod for better cleans, one guy uses Gibson Les Pauls with a EMG 81/85 set. The other uses ESP EX series guitars and Gibson Explorers with I think SD's in them.
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Jesper Strömblad - Gibson Voodoo's (Primarily Explorer but has used The Flying V too) and the amp is a Peavey 5150 II (used to use a + i think?). He usees EMG actives (81/85) but i've seen pics with just the Bridge pup as an EMG and the neck as the default gibson one. He uses a POD XT Live too.

Björn Gelotte - Gibson Les Pauls are the main guitar he uses but i think he has some ESP's too (both him and Jesper played ESP's until the lawsuit from Gibson when they were offered Gibsons instead). He has the EMG 81/85 combo like someone above said and i think he may also have a POD XT Live stacked with a Peavey 5150 (not a + or II).

Up until and including Whoracle, Björn was the drummer and Jesper was lead guitar with Glenn Ljungström on rythm guitar but then Glenn left so Björn took lead guitar and Jesper went to rythm (apparently he doesn't like doing the leads and solos much).

I think/hope thats all you need to know! But check out their website (www.inflames.com) and their Wikipedia entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Flames) for more detailed info.
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