I'm not talking about just strumming a chord. I'm talking about singing over a song like Stairway to Heaven, or Dust in the Wind, or a song with a acoustic part thats more than just strumming down, up, down, down.

I'm wondering if it's actually possible to do this (because watching the videos of SWTH and Robert Plant does all the singing and Page does all the guitar playing), and if anyone here can do this, or knows someone that can, and if they could give me some tips.
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It's possible. The first song I learned to sing and play single notes at the same time was Jump in the Fire by Metallica. There are more threads like this, do a search.

Just practice each part down and get it just right, then merge them together. Learn what notes hit when you sing certain words.
yea, it just takes muscle memory. once you can play Stairway in your sleep, then you try singing it.
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Its EASILY possible,

Start with easier songs first though.

Make sure you know the hard stuff 100 percent then try vocals over it.

Just go for it.
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