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Ok, so the purpose of this is to tell the names of the bands on the shirts that you own and what is on them. Here is mine.

AC/DC-Back In Black
AC/DC-The Razor's Edge
AC/DC-High Voltage
Led Zeppelin-A floating Zeppelin
Jimi Hendrix-Hendrix playin a guitar
Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here
Lynyrd Skynrd-Skull and Crossbones
ZZ Top-Eliminator
Kenny Wayne Shepherd-The Place Your In

What bout you all.
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AC/DC (Back in Black)
Guns N Roses (GNR logo)
Rush (Fly by Night)
Rush (2112)
Jimi Hendrix (playing guitar)
The Who (logo)
Journey (Generations tour)

i think that's it..
Audioslave- Logo of two headed bird
Dream Theater- Symbols
Opeth- Ghost Reveries
Pink Floyd- Atom Heart Mother
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Logo
Tool- Lateralus
Tool- 10,000 days
Beatles - Abbey Road
Beatles - Picture of the beatles
Led Zeppelin - USA 1977 Tour
Pink Floyd - DSOTM

think thats is
To see him obviously framed.
Couldnt help but make me feel ashamed.
To live in a land, where justice is a game.
Dream Theater - Awake
Dream Theater - Train of Thought
Queensryche - Queensryche
Dark Tranquility - Character
Stratovarius - Stratovarius world tour
Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines

Oh and a bunch of local band shirts including my old band's one.
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2 Choking Victim Shirts
2 Dead kennedys Shirts
1 Gorilla Biscuits shirt (homemade)
2 Crass Shirts (1 homemade)
1 As I lay Dying Shirt
2 Black Flag Shirts

and a ton more.

I dont have any regular shirts. all band shirts.
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WAAYAYAYAY too many death metal shirts to describe
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Metallica Master of Puppets, And Justice For All shirts
Slayer South Of Heaven shirt
Bathory Goathead shirt
Dragonforce Valley of the damned shirt
Opeth Still life shirt
Megadeth Greatest Hits shirt
Children Of Bodom logo shirt
Iron Maiden best of the beast shirt
Hard Days Night tee
Beatles Ticket tee
Led Zeppelin tee
Pink Floyd tee
KISS tee
AC\DC For Those About to Rock tee
Pink FLoyd DSOTM sweatshirt
Led Zeppelin Boxors!!!!
Metallica - Master Of Puppets, Some random one.
Tool - Parabola
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
Led Zeppelin - American Tour 1977
Def Leppard - Hysteria

Edit: You got this thread idea from the emo thread, didn't you?
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Bowling for soup - group shot
Shinedown - Equinox tour tee
Slipknot - logo
Guns N Roses-European tour shirt

not too many..
none... but i have a couple ****s for my mom's dragonboat team, Smoke on the Water.

and where could i get a dream theater shirt? or other bands, for that matter.

edit: best typo ever!
Tool - Nerve Ending, 10,000 Days
Alice In Chains - AIC Sun logo
Pink Floyd - Logo
Led Zeppelin - 1969 & 1977 Tour

Among others.
I never wear my band shirts anymore... I can't stand wearing t-shirts in public.
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Nirvana - A shirt from there bleach days, after Geffen signed them but before they cut Nevenmind.
Nirvana/Kurt Cobain - Picture of Kurt with the quote "Assanate the greater and lesser of two evils"

Getting soon - Placebo - No idea yet...
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Breaking Benjamin-We Are Not Alone Logo Shirt
Tool-Penis Shaped Tool Shirt
Slipknot-Iowa(Even Though The CD Sucks) Shirt
Audioslave-Out of Exile Shirt
As I Lay Dying-Pistols(Looks Like Mud Was Thrown On It) Shirt
Mudvayne-The End Of All Things To Come Logo Shirt
Hoobastank-Every Man For Himself Shirt
A Perfect Circle-Emotive Logo Shirt
All Star United-Star Shirt
Incubus-Pixie Shirt
Taproot-Gift(The CD) Shirt
New Found Glory-Skull Shirt
System Of A Down-Bomb Shirt

thats all i could find at the moment
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Black Keys - Tiger on it
Reel Big Fish - We're Not Happy...
Reel Big Fish - impersonating hair metal
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The Strokes
Jethro Tull x3
King Crimson x2
Yes x2
Bonzo Dog Dooda Band
The Blue Oyster Cult
The Strawbs
Forever Red \m/
erm... Probably more, but I forget
gah i hate jethro tull. lol.

I have
Iron Maiden
Lamb of God
As I Lay Dying
Cradle of Filth
Killswitch Engage
Led Zeppelin
Ozzy. .
Local Band
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Haha, Jethro Tull's hilarious! How can you not love him

Fair enough, his music is a bit gash, but you've still got to love him
muse - absolution
radiohead - hail to the thief
radiohead -we suck young blood
rem - lotus
RATM - evil empire
stiff little fingers - gotta getaway
the clash - red star
bad religion - christianity prohibited
jimi hendrix - voodoo chile
nofx - pump up the valium
3 Hendrix shirts, a red one thats way too small, a brown one thats a bit too small, and a black one that fits. They all just have him on them.

1 Back in Black T shirt that I don't wear much, to be honest.

1 Bob Dylan concert shirt.

2 Pink Floyd shirts, one DSotM and one Wish You Were Here.

And some others.
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I have a Weezer shirt with cartoon-esque characters from the torso up (back when Rivers had a bowl cut ). I also have a Bob Marley shirt, a Franz Ferdinand shirt (from their tour), the Abbey Road shirt, and a Death Cab For Cutie shirt (also from a tour).
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Kings Of Leon
Foo Fighters
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Except it says 'Killers World Tour 1981' at the bottom.

Too lazy too find the rest.

Led Zeppelin - The colorful world tour one
AC/DC - For Those About To Rock
System Of A Down - Clock thing
2 Slipknot
3 pantera
1 damageplan
1 pink floyd hoodie
1 Cradle of Filth
2 Slayer
1 Cannibal Corpse
3 Iron Maiden
1 Metallica
1 of my bands.
SRV tribute (multi colored show poster looking shirt)
SRV (purple toned)
AC/DC (from Target, one with AC/DC and a lightning bolt coming off the letters)
Pink Floyd DSOTM
Led Zeppelin (b&w with the members and a zeppelin on the back)
Led Zeppelin (white with this mulit colored thing on it and the 4 symbols)
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led zeppelin - led zeppelin
two jimmy page t-shirts
two beatles t-shirts - hard day's night, and the beatles
yardbirds - picture of band (jimmy era)
rolling stones - band on front with 'rolling stones '65' on back
rory gallagher - face on front with his signature on back
those are all the band ones i can think of..
then i have two gibson t-shirts, a marshall tee, a danelectro tee...uhhh, i THINK thats it
Tool-10,000 Days
Slayer-Eagle In The Abyss
Foo Fighters-In Your Honor
Black Sabbath-Not sure
1. G'N'R - Appetite
2. Children Of Bodom - Hatecrew Deathroll
3. Anthrax - Metal Thrashing Mad
4. Trivium - Ascendancy
5. Jimi Hendrix - playin guitar
6. AC/DC - Lock Up Your Daughter
7. Led Zep - i believe it's their un-named album (with the guy carrying that big thing of weeds on his back)
8. DragonForce - Inhuman Rampage
9. Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
10. AC/DC - Thunderstruck

i think thats it

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AFI - has a skull and 'AFI' on the front, and a black cat head on the back.
My Chemical Romance - 3 cheers for sweet revenge album cover and says my chemical romance on the back
Smashing Pumpkins - Zero and star on the front like Billy's in BWBW video clip (cept mine's short sleeved)
Green Day - grenade thing and says green day
White Stripes - Has a tree with birds in it
Jebediah - can't remember what it looks like. i think it had a horse on it.
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