I have a 7-string Washburn WG-587 the last little while when I plugged it into my amp I would sometimes have to jiggle the cord going into the input jack of my guitar until sound coming out of my amp. It would cut out alot and eventually no sound came out of the amp. So what I did was I opened up the input jack and i found that one of the wires not attached to it no more. So i soldered it back on and my guitar sort of works now. It only works when i use the bridge pick up and when i put the toggle switch on the nexk pickup I can barely hear any sound, I can only seem to get some sound from it when I put my finger on the screw that moves the pickup up and down.

Sorry, im not the best at explaining things but does anyone know what i can do to return my guitar back to normal?
Maybe the wires coming out of the neck pickup have torn? Be sure to check all your wires and controls, and make sure you've soldered it all correctly. There are diagrams of how it's done on the net.
Check the volume knob.

Sounds like a problem inside the pickup itself, did the magnets eff up?
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are you experianced with soldering? my first guess would be a cold solder joint, or you melted something... (ie. you got it way to hot.) at least thats what i think of. also, is this a newer guitar? cuz most have warrantys and you should have just called the place you bought it from or the manufacturer... but if you soldered it, that warranty is good as gone..
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You need to get in your guitar and check the connections on the actual pickup, and where it's connected to the rest of the circuit. That could be the source of the problem.
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I have the same guitar, my problem from it cutting out is because of a cable though. The toggle switch sucks on it as well.
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Thanks for all the replys

I have some experience with soldering since i take electronics at my school. But i have a feeling it has to do with the pickup since its just the neck pickup thats not working and the bridge pickup is fine.

Also im not suprised the guitar is like this since i got it used at long and macquade for 150 canadian.