I'm surprised nobody has posted any threads concerning him, so I decided it was time to create a thread for fans and alike to talk about his music, life, etc. Anyway, Bob Marley's music changed the way I saw music as a whole and greatly influenced what I listen to now. I think he is probably one of the best songwriters in the past 50 years and deserves more recognition than just "The guy who smoked a lot of weed." Exodus is my favorite album but all of them are fairly good. And if I'm not mistaken, Bob Marley is one of the founders/co-founders of roots reggae? Anyway...thats my 2 cents on him.
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
Yeah!!Bob is the man!last month i saw The Wailers they kicked ass to bad Bob isnt alive anymore,that would have made my life seein Bob Marley live.The Wailers played with 311 who r awsome and this band Pepper they were really good 2.
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His name isnt Warren.
His name isnt Warren.
His name isnt Warren?
I thouht his name was Warren?

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I saw pepper last a couple years ago with O.A.R. They're pretty good.
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My favourite song would have to be "Three little birds" ...i only have a few cds and thats my fav so far....also i just recently bought one of his son's cds...Damian marley "Welcome to Jamrock" and i just started a thread on it...post if you've heard him
Bob Marley is my feel-good music. I listen to him when I'm out driving and just wanna keep optimistic about where I'm headed to (which is usually work or out of town). Three little birds, I Know a Place, One Love...you just can't go wrong.