I just bought some Dunlop Lemon Oil FretBoard cleaner and now I read on the back that you cant use it on Maple Fretboards! I gotta fender strat and I do not know if I should use it or not. It didnt mention anything about not for use on maple on the dunlop site or even on guitar center...it only says it on the product. What should I do?
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It won't do anything on maple. It's meant for rosewood. There's no reason to use it. It won't help anything.
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ya its only gonna dry out your fret board its good for rosewood and ebony as it absorbs it and adds life. it will kill maple. plus maple fretboards look better with age so let it age unless its got some kind of grime on it in which case go to GC and they will have something to clean it probably fretboard conditioner
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