hey all i was playing my squire today and all of a sudden it fuzzed out and made only static. i took off the pickguard and looked at the wires and one of the ones connecting to the jack is broken,this has already happened once and i soddered it back on, but i dont know if i should just keep soddering it or take it to a shop and have one of the technicians fix it. Im getting a 5 string soon, but until then i need this bass for band practice, what do i do?
just don't worry about the Squire. sodder it yourself, keep playing it til you get your new 5 stringerr
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Before you solder the wires, wrap them or bend or whatever around the point that your soldering.
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take all the old solder off the jack and wire, clean the end of the wire and the part of the jack it connects to, then use fresh solder to connect it back on.
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