I'm looking to play a good, all-around pedal from digitech. These are the only ones I can afford:
Bad Monkey
Metal Masters
Death Metal
I know this isn't a lot but I need to know by Mon cause that's when I go to the store. Thanks!
What sounds are you looking for?

And try them all out, see what you like best.

But don't just limit yourself to Digitech, Boss make great pedals too and bla bla.
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Bad Mokey is an overdrive, so it just boosts your amp. Death Metal has no gain control, so it's rather limited to it's genre. The metal master just sounded bad to my ears, but thats maybe personal.
If you play rock/metal + some softer stuff then the grunge would probably suit your needs the best.
Try them out definitely.
If you're looking for many different sounds, maybe try the Distortion Factory DF-7.. Only about $100CDN,a nd has 7 different types of distortion. Other people may argue that suggestion, but hey, it's just a suggestion.
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Grunge sounds good. I'm gonna see what they got. I listened to some samples from digitech and death metal sounds way to heavy to me. I play lots of Green Day, The Who, Iron Maiden type of stuff so an overdrive wouldn't really help me. I only got 50 bucks so a new amp is impossible. I'll keep looking, guys
I Would reccomend the grunge. Sounds Great when run through a Ibanez Artcore.Chances are you own an Ibanez if you're on this site so it should work great for you.
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All those pedals are horrible. Just check out the Boss DS-1. Runs for $40 USD and is a great distortion pedal. If it doesn't give you enough distortion, just use it as a booster for your amp or give your amp a little more gain and use the DS-1.
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the metal master is extremely versitile if you really like a harsh sound
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You do realize that Digitech isn't the best pedal company in the world. I'd suggest the Grunge out of all those, but you should try out some other pedals as well.
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