I'm trying to learn how to play some Bossa Nova style guitar but all the songs that I can find are pretty advanced, does anyone know any easier beginner style songs?
see if you can't find tabs for the song "blue bossa." If not, I'll throw together a chord chart.
Now as you probably know, bossa nova has a ****load of chord changes. What's more important is the distinct strumming (or fingerpicked) rhythm with the bass notes. All of this put together is what makes this style of music difficult. So try starting out with just chords. You want to be able to switch between dozens and dozens of chords with no problem and also start to practice that rhythm. After you've got the chord switches down, try alternating the bass note (lowest note in the chord) with the other notes in the chord. Playing fingerstyle makes this more manageable.

Blue Bossa

C69 - D79 - Dm79 - G76 --- F#79 -- F69

e|-3 --- x ----- x ------- x ------ x ------- x
B|-3 --- 5 ----- 5 ------- 4 ------ 9 ------- 8
G|-2 --- 5 ----- 5 ------- 4 ------ 9 ------- 7
D|-2 --- 4 ----- 3 ------- 3 ------ 8 ------- 7
A|-3 --- 5 ----- 5 ------- x ------ 9 ------- 8
E|-x --- x ----- x ------- 3 ------ x ------- x

those are all the chords you need. Play them in the following pattern, starting by simply playing quarter notes.

2m = 2 measures, 1m = 1 measure and so on.

2m C69 - 2m D79 - 1m Dm79 - 1m G76 - 1m C69 - 1m G76
2m C69 - 2m D79 - 1m Dm79 - 1mG76 - 1m C69 - 1m F#79
4m F69 - 1m D79 - 1m Dm79 - 2m G76
2m C69 - 2m D79 - 1m Dm79 - 1m g76 end on C69

hope that's not too difficult, the chord shapes take a while to get down, but it's a lovely song.

If you want to play a song that is more recognizable, check out Virginia Moon, by the Foo Fighters. It's a very nice bossa song.
Oh thank you so much, no the chord shapes arn't too difficult, I got use to those kind of chords when I was learning how to play Tropicalia by Beck.