Hello. I have a narrowed down my options and i feel my quest to fidn a better amp and fx is nearly over. I need to do thsi fairly quick so i can start saving. Please lets remeber i have only been playing for a year and im saving up for what i want in about 2 years time

Like the jcm900 will probably get it but I would like to know about the dsl and tsl

Wich is better the tsl or dsl


Should i go Multi effects or single?

Is the boss GT-8 any good? Is it as good as boss make it out to be?

If i get boss GT-8 should i gte a seperate wah pedal? Is the wah on the gt-8 any good?

I have a hard desicion and need ur guys help
shoudl i get
1. Jim dunlop cry baby
2. Vox
A) Vox v847
B0 Vox clyde Mccoy

thank you