Not a bad cover. Music was pretty much perfect. Vocals seemed to be lacking the energy. like if you listen to the real song the vocals are calm at part and then more energetic for the others, his was pretty much level throughout. 5/5 music 1/5 vocals just cause he knew the words. he should work on the phrasing of his singin, that shows emotion in vocals.
Vocal's need more emotion.

And either the vocalist has a cold, or its just a ****ty microphone.

Yeah, just have the vocalist work on his energy and get a better microphone/recording system and you're set.
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the instrumental part is pretty good, sounds just like the song. Just ask the singer to have more energy, and sing on the right key. He kinda sounds like the lead singer on my first band some years ago. Nothing a lot practice wouldnt take care.
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Rock on y'all!

Thanks for the comments.

How do you think the singer sounds singing lower?
Any tips on how to make him sing with more emotion?

It is a crap mic. Karaoke one which was £20 with stand.
Thanks for listening to mine!

I agree with everyone else. Quality isn't great, still pretty good tho.
I would advise moving the mic away from the singer/turning down the preamp gain a little and get him to maintain volume by getting louder himself.
Hope I helped.
singing lower is 9/10 worst then singing higher... unless your johnny cash or trent hehe... Why else would singers strive to get range.. or 'hit the notes'... Anyone can sing low. Anyone.
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it sounds like he's singing so that the people in the next room wont hear him. thats a problem, im picturing watching this guy live and im bored to death. Take MCR as an example, their lead can barely sing live but he makes up for it with a ton of energy.

edit: by the way, i thought the music sounded great, nice work by the band.
It might be because he's a bit shy. Mayube a little more confidence willl get him better.
Thanks for the comments though.
We are about to record Sugar We're Going Down so hopefully he will sing with emotion in that recording.
sorry dude but the singer is quite off key...RWALLY off key actually. The instrumental parts were pretty cool, but the singer sounds as if hes a bored kid on a sunday afternoon. You might wanna try it again with a bit more enthusiasm.

Where from Inverness r u from anyway?