I've heard good things about this distortion pedal and am considering and going to GC and try it out. Is it all hype? Does anyone have any experience/ own one? How does it do compared to a Metal Zone?

Btw for those of you who bash the MT-2 i don't need to know you opinions on how much you dislike it. Thank You.
I own both. I like the Muff better, it has a much more user friendly EQ and sounds a lot fuller than the mt-2. Although I have to say, my mt-2 was said to be modded with more "bass responce" according to the guy I got it from on Ebay. I've never actually tried a stock mt-2, but according to the guy on Ebay, his mod made it sound much better than stock. And I still like my Muff more, although the "top boost" part of the Muff isn't much use to me (I think it adds WAY too much treble), the rest is great.
These go to eleven...
The metal zone is dog **** the muff is much better
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