Okay so I only just found out about this band, specifically the "Forever Changes" album last night. BBC3 had "Love with Arthur Lee" performing the whole of the Forever Changes album live at Glastonbury in 2003 with a full orchestra and brass section. It was absolutely amazing. One of those moments where you discover such great music through chance (it was my dad that put it on) that you'd probably not have discovered.

So I was wondering who else knows/likes Love and what do they think of "Forever Changes"?
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Forever Changes is amazing, i love every song off of it, its a shame Lee died, it was last month right? or was it the month before.

but my favorite off FC has to be This House is not a Motel.
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Simply put, Forever Changes is one of my favorite albums of all time.

I also have the two other albums of their early period "Love" and "Da Capo." "Love" is pretty good garage-rock, and if you like the Byrds, I'd recommend it. "Da Capo" many people love, but I can't really get into most of the songs. They just don't really do much for me. Two of the songs, "Stephanie Knows Who" and "Seven And Seven Is" are outstanding tracks, though.
It's a great album. That's the simplest I can make it. I wouldn't say its in my top 10 albums of all time, but it's probably around 25/30, which in my opinion is pretty damn good.
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Did you know Arthur Lee died just last month?

It's probably been mentioned on this board already but seeing as you've just discovered Love then you may not know.