I'm looking into buying some new effects pedals to improve/vary my sound

I already have a Boss DS-2 and a dunlop crybaby wah pedal, but I was wondering if there are any others people would suggest

I play a range of stuff but mostly Muse, a bit of green day, feeder, weezer, red hot chili peppers, queens of the stone age etc..
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A nice chorus pedal is always handy for most kinds of music. Electro Harmonix is supposed to make a swell one.
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Jake will suffice.

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You want a chorus or a phaser or a flanger... in that order :P
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Delay!! Damm Delay is awesome for songs to get a nice echo-ish sound but can also makes songs sound good when you delay for a long period of time so it repeats the note when your on the third note, etc. That's something I love to do with my Multi-FX Korg AX10G. I'd reccomend the Boss-DD3 or w/e it's called, I tried one a while ago and it's awesome.
Currently I'm using a strat copy with a seymour duncan sh-4 in the bridge, and sadly, a Marshall MG30DFX

I'll be upgrading these to an Ibanez RG2550E (probably) and a Roland Cube or a Vox AD30VT when I get the money...but that might be a while..
The BD-2 is way better than the DS-1, but significantly more expensive. I'd suggest the SD-1 over the DS-2, which is about the same price. You should also get yourself a compressor. Everything else is luxury items.
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Save the money you would've spent on pedals and put it towards your amp.
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