Hey guys my voice sucks and i hate it. I cant get that high on notes and since i kinda just got done with puburty i guess lol i want it to sound better or like it did um just please something anything that will help if you want to hear me sing go to http://youtube.com/profile?user=Bigguns010 thats me singing and playing well please help and thanks alot!
Oh and your voice isn't too bad anyway, I like the cover... On a more serious note to my last post...
not bad from what i could hear but be louder, but that may just be myspeakers there a bit dodgey.
the best way to improve is to get lessons i suppose. but your range will increase as you sing more. but sometimes you just cant get that high if you are a bass (singer) if you want to get really high sing in falsetto/ head voice. but really just look for songs in your range.
I thought it was fine and the voice suited the song very well. I haven't heard the original but I think the acoustic version suits your voice fine. You're still 15 according to your website, so you've got a wee while to go before you're totally past puberty and your voice develops properly though, so time and practice make perfect. I sing not bad when I'm not playing guitar but when I do both at the same time my voice loses a lot of its character and just kind of stays in tune with the chords, so I know how frustrating it is to feel you aren't fulfilling your vocal potential when strumming away, which is something you've got a good grasp of because your playing was excellent.
try breathing from your diaphragm and not from your chest, and push the air outwards as you sing.