Who here digs Ween?

I've had "Pure Guava" for a few months, but it was too hard to really get into, for me.

My friend kept bothering me to get "Chocolate And Cheese" for a while so I finally got it yesterday, and I was surprised to find myself enjoying it. They've got a good grasp on many genres. Lots of diversity and originality, which is rare to find in music these days. As far as the humor goes on the album, I found it basically hit or miss (I laughed at "Buenes Tardes Amigo," but thought "Spinal Meningitis" was in poor taste).

Basically, this is a thread for Ween discussion, if there are any fans around. One question I have is are their other albums similar to "Chocolate And Cheese," or more of a "Pure Guava" style?
The Mollusk is a really good album by them. It's more similar to Chocolate and Cheese. My best friend loves them, so I've heard lots of different stuff, but The Mollusk is the only one that I have in full, and it's good.
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