Im planning on buying a new amp soon and i need a good practice amp. I have an older frontman right now thats falling apart. I play a little of everything. But i recently joined a band and were heading toward a grindcore, hardcore, metalcore sound. So ill want a amp with some nice diss, as well as sounding pretty good clean. Im on a very small budget and will probally try to get this used. Try not to reccomend anything over 150$ new please.
thanx in advance
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I really think your gonna have trouble finding something with enough watts to get over a drummer that isnt utterly horrible ie spider or mg for that much. Maybe if you can get more money go with a cube 60
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The Roland Cube 30 has plenty of loudness and could be heard over a drum. The only problem is, if you crank up SS amps too much, the sound wouldnt be as good. Also another thing is you might want to strap down your Cube 30 if your planning on sittin it on a straight pavement coz it'll move around if its loud. A used Cube 60 should do you really good and its really really loud.
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