Well guys,

Ive been playni for about a year and 4 months now. Completely self motivated and self taught. Bought myself a cheap electric and being going at it. Well to give you an ideae of my skill level, I can play these :

Glasgow kiss, Sweet child o mine, Always with me always with you, Bad Horsie, Building the church and so on.. all in its entirety. Can pass you recordings if you guys would like em.

Well not to boast or anything, but I know Ive got the passion for guitar and playin this in 1 yr and 4 months aint a joke.

However, Im in univeristy now, I gotta wait another 2 years to finish my course. I just want to know , what would the best step I can take right now to become famous? LOL I know Im half drunk as well, but Im really serious on this one, I wanna get famous not just become a basement guitarist ripping out shred licks...
Do I take up serious lessons under somone to guide me out, now that Ive progressed to the advanced level myself? or Should I start gettin all technical and learn theory, again by myself?

Im really dying to get out and perform and make crowds go woahhhhh.. I feel im stagnating.. Have any of you guys had this feeling before? You know youre talented, but youre stagnating kinda feeling
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i dont think that if youve been playin 1 year and 4 months youll get famous quick.

its more of a who ya know type of deal. you know local bars, try to get gigs there, then hope someone famous pops in AND likes you.
does it matter if i play guitar? yes.
writes some tunes, play gigs, and front a band. To get gigs ure gonna want a band, and mix some covers with originals in your set. But dude dont get ure hopes up (i think its the liquor kikkin in)
It's like the nba man, you may be good, but there are a lot out there better. Who knows, you could get lucky and get picked up by a record company that has the right scout watching your show at the right time. Van Halen got signed cause Gene Simmons happened to be watching them in some club (pretty sure that's the story). Anyway, do your best, but dont count on it too much. Dont **** around in school planning on getting rich on guitar. I know I wont be. I plan on playing gigs throughout college for fun at college parties, if I get somewhere, yay, if not, I'm on my way to law school
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I'm not famous so I can't advise you on the best path to fame. But you can be very sure that your instrument and vocal chops are going to need to be outstanding. You're going to need excellent stage presence, something you can only develop by pounding stages night after night. And you're going to need a lot of luck.

So friend, practice hard, play a lot of gigs, and good luck.
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The biggest problem here? It doesn't appear you write any songs. You can't expect to get famous off someone else's song (although famous covers do happen) but it doesn't seem you are a singer. You definately won't get famous off a rock instrumental.

You are going to have to be good enough at guitar that other musicians are going to want to support you, or you are going to have to get a band together and go for it.

Also, do you have any musical knowledge, as in theory?
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the best thing you can do right now is get into a band with other dedicated, talented musicians, and start playing shows. my room mate has a band that gigs ever couple weeks and has a decent following. it helps to be in college/university cause you can play in bars where your friends can actually get in and drink. you cant be in a famous performing band without some gigs under your belt, so id say thats really the place to start.
The first thing you should do is give up any hope of being famous. It's not going to happen.

However, if you're serious about music, you can still write, perform etc. Get a band together, play some gigs, record, whatever.

But remember - nobody cares if you're a good guitarist. Seriously. I live in a pretty small town but there are dozens of guitarists who think they're amazing shredders. It just doesn't happen for most people, no matter how talented they are.
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You probably won't get famous, but you can make a living out of music even though you aren't a household name
playing other people's songs is no proof of you being "advanced"; especially if you don't even know theory.

I say get lessons. Everyone self taught I know hasn't taught themselves properly at times... if that makes sense.
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Hey all
Thanks for all your informative replies. Well, I guess I was in the dark, Im considerably better off now.

Ill first go find teacher, then loook for gigs at bars and just keep doin my best and pray for something .. haha..

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Also, do you have any musical knowledge, as in theory?

I do have basic knowledge of reading music, keys and scales, but nothing I can tap into and write great songs. I need to improve on that.

BTW, about stage presence/// the folks always told me I lacked that.. any tips on that?

And one more thing, I seem to have billions of instrumental ideas that Ive recorded and stored on my PC, but I just cant seem to make them into full songs. If you guys do write music, can you please share how you go about doing it, and also link me to some samples of your mp3s?

Thanks a lot folks
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it doesnt matter how good u r a guitar, its your song writing and friend.for example if you have alot of friends, there most likely going to atleast listen to a song and if its good then theyll tell all there friends and if your any good and have atleast 20 friends that can add up and maybe then keep going, (get a band together before all this) maybe make a band myspace and just try to get out there, go play at bars for all this people that have heard your music, thats what blink182 did
One of the main tips I can give you: Get yourself outside! Don't just play shred licks in the basements, learn some other styles, even though you'll probably (or not?) don't even like them.

Myself, being mostly a jazz player, am currently branching out to the blues! Open public blues sessions, where you can just bring your instrument and play along, are far more common than jazz sessions. Think about it: how often do you read in the news paper that there's a 'Sunday Blues Session @ Random Bar'? A lot more often than you read 'Sunday Jazz Session' or 'Sunday Rock/Metal/Shred/Pop/Country/Classical Session' or whatever wacky styles I forgot.

Even though you don't play the style you like the most, I'm sure you can get a combination of shred&blues going.

The last hint I can give you with this is: Don't EVER let people bash you in those public sessions. Sure as hell, mostly everybody in public sessions are cocky as hell and think that their phrasing and chops are the godliest of the world, surpassing Eric Johnson with ease. Just play however you want to play. If you want to play shred licks in a blues, go ahead. You'll learn how to do it the best, by practicing.

Also, by those sessions, you'll get your name and face out! Be sure to ask the people whom you're playing with if they know of any other blues sessions in the near future! Even exchange contact info with them, and politely ask to play with them sometimes, if they feel up to it.

Best thing to do: Get outdoors, stay polite and have fun!

Good luck on your quest!
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